You want to know your skin type ?  Try our online skin type test to know your type. It will only take you 1 minute 🙂 Have fun 🙂

Here is a quick recap of the 5 basic skin types:


This is probably the most problem-free skin, because it is usually supple, well hydrated, elastic.

This skin looks pretty clean and smooth like a peach and has a good circulation and a glowy complexion.

All in all, this is the skin with minimal care 🙂 (lucky, lucky !!)

This skin needs little treatment, but that means a minimum of : cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen.


oily, oily, yeah this is the shiniest skin of all 😉

But in this case, not sure this is positive… It usually looks greasy, thick and coarse. As you know, mine is pretty oily too. ( I hate summer, when glands are so fired up they think it is party time or frying time ;(

Pores are usually pretty enlarged and do tend to break into acne ( could it be worse?)

The only good thing is that oily skin is not as prone to premature aging and wrinkling as the other types.  That means,your thirties-forties should be much more fun than your teenage years.

Oily skin needs to be cleaned everyday with a good cleanser that will be gentle. You don’t want to use harsh products that strip your skin of oil, because it will simply make matters worse as a result as your will stimulate your skin to produce more oil…. ( not what you want…)

If you have acne skin, check our top 3 acne treatment comparison chart.


Combination is good, especially in fashion, I like to mix fun style with more classy style but here combination means dealing with oily and dry at the same time : that is probably the trickiest skin 🙂

In a nutshell, you have patches of dry skin (usually the cheeks) and patches of oily skin ( the famous T-Zone – forehead / nose / chin ). That means specific types of care for these specific facial areas.

Dry zones (near the cheeks and eyes) are usually treated with rich creams while oily areas will require lighter texture…The keyword here is Balance 🙂


Dry, dry as the desert, that is the opposite of oily skin.

This is the type of skin that looks flaky with dry patches. It usually feels tight and uncomfortable after washing.

Because it is dry, this type of skin can develop a sallow tone, as it won’t reflect light. ( I am not talking about shining but the glowy light that screams : young and beautiful 🙂

The other bad news? it is more prone to aging and irritating…. (ok let’s stop with the bad stuff)

The good thing is the lovely pores : because they are almost invisible.

Anyway, with proper skin care (masks and good moisturizers) you can fight this dryness and get a well hydrated and vibrant skin 🙂 ( think of supplements like phytoceramides recommended by many experts like Dr Oz that are great in retaining and increasing levels of skin moisture)


We can’t really say it is a true skin type on its own. But for the last 10 years, sensitive skin type has been more and more frequent. Some attribute this to our modern way of life (junk food, pollution, irritants etc..) that kinda triggers this sensitivity in the long run…. ( well, let’s avoid that discussion haha)

Sensitive skin usually is pretty thin or is finely textured, with dry patches. In fact, dry and sensitive are often found in the same sentence to describe the same skin 🙁

This is typically what we call a delicate skin that flushes easily from temperature changes, that burns easily ( sun exposure) and is prone to irritation and allergic reactions.

As you can imagine, this sensitivity means you should avoid products with perfumes, dyes, or most chemicals.